Buy Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone

Hessonite Garnet 

Buy Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone from us at best price. Gomed gemstone range starts from ₹ 200 per carat and goes up to the quality on the basis of color, cut, shape and clarity.

What is Garnet?

Garnet gemstone is a birthstone for January born as per the astrology and it is a group of name, including a set of related minerals. It is available in nature in every colour, consisting vibrant orange, rare intense-green etc.

What is gomed?

Hessonite Garnet is called ‘Gomed’ in Hindi and it is considered the gemstone for the planet ‘Rahu’. Other common names of Hessonite Garnet and it is also called ‘Gomedhkam’ , ‘Gomedak’  or ‘Gomedham’.

What should be the colour of Hessonite Garnet?

The reddish brown colour of the Garnet is most appealing. Other desirable tones are Cinnamon Brown or Honey Brown.

What are the sources of Garnet?

Currently, Sri Lanka is the source of fine quality Gomedh. Another sources are Africa, Brazil and India.

What are the features of wearing Hessonite Garnet?

Gomedh is the gemstone for the rahu planet and rahu offers you ability and a sharp mind to operate other’s mind and it enables the person to make most out of options available around him. 

It increases the chances to get immediate gains and widely beneficial for the people linked to public-relationships, stock-exchange and Sales. So, it is always suggestable to take astrologer’s advice before wearing the Gomed.

How to wear Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)?

Metal for Wearing Gomedh          : Silver

Day for Wearing Gomedh            : Saturday

Time for wearing Gomedh            : Sunrise or Sunset

Finger for Wearing Gomedh         : Middle Finger

What are the Properties of Garnet?

Optical Character of Garnet          : Isotropic

Refractive Index (RI) of Garnet      : 1.714 – 1.888

Specific Gravity (SG) of Garnet     : 3.47 – 4.15

Hardness of Garnet                     : 6.5 – 7.5

How is the Pricing of Hessonite Garnet?

The pricing of Gomedh depends mainly upon on its cutting, color and lustre. A best quality garnet must have a proper brown color. The presence of any unavoidable color tone like Greenish or Blackish, it is not treating desirable and brings its price down.

Does Garnet also have synthetic or look-alike?

There are look-alikes and synthetics of Garnets too in the market. One must confirm its verification before purchasing Garnet. It is suggestable to await on reputed Gemstone Dealer.

How to purchase pure and natural Hessonite Garnet?

Always request for a Lab-Certificate while buying any stone. The certificate must clearly mention that the stone is un-treated and natural. Pannalal Johri deals in 100% Pure, natural & lab-certified stones. Buy Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone from us at reasonable prices