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Ruby is a precious red stone, this is also called as Manik in Hindi. It comes in pure Red hue or different tones of Red. This gemstone is liked for its Pure Red. It is the birthstone of July born & is links with Sun planet in Indian Astrology. Buy natural ruby gemstone online and its range starting Rs. 1,000 per carat and goes up to as per the quality you want or depends upon its clarity, color, cut and shape.


Manik Benefits

Ruby is the stone links with ‘Sun’. Sun is treating as the king among the nine planets because sun is the source of energy. If you indicates similar qualities of confidence, leadership and motivation this is just because you have a strong sun. Wearing Ruby is helpful for people in senior positions, government job,  or business. 

Manik is also helpful for the people with low self-esteem, low confidence and who lack leadership qualities. It is a stone for relationships and fame. Ruby gives cordial relationship with partner, family and society members and can burn lost flame in a relationship. So, it is also the birthstone for the month of July borns.


Manik gemStone Facts

Ruby is called ‘Manik’ as well in Hindi. Ruby is also called Ratnaraj, which actually means ‘The King of Gemstones’. The “ruby” name comes from the latin word ‘Ruber’ meaning is ‘Red’. Ruby is treating as a signal of power & love and it has been admires & cherish by the famous Kings & Queens in the history. So, it also belongs to the sapphire family.


Ruby Properties

Specific Gravity of Ruby                     : 3.99 – 4.01

Refractive Index of Ruby                    : 1.76 – 1.78

Hardness of Ruby on Moh’s Scale       : 9

Optic Character of Ruby                     : Anisotropic (Doubly Refractive)

Fluorescence                                     : strong Red under long wave UV

Pleochroism                                       : strong Dichroism


Ruby Quality


Ruby is unique because of its strong red colour, which is few among stones. Ruby’s best color is compares to Pigeon’s-Blood colour. It should be pure red without any other tone. Ruby with pinkish and brownish tones are less costly than pure red ruby gemstones. The transparency of a gem-quality Ruby may differ from transparent to translucent. Opaque Rubies are treating as low on the quality scale.


How to Wear Ruby Stone?

Metal for Ruby                             : Gold or 

Day of Wearing Ruby                    : Sunday

Finger for wear Ruby                    : Ring Finger

Mantra for Ruby                           : || Om Hrim Sum Suryaya Namah ||


Where to purchase Ruby Gemstone?


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