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Pearls are made up of calcium carbonate. It is known as ‘Moti’ in Hindi. Moti appears in huge varieties of colors and it can be natural or culture and buy pearl gemstones like southsea, basra etc. The most popular color is cream and white and it can be golden, pink and black too. 

The rises of pearls need care and human interposition. So, Moti are the result of the consider invest of a piece of tissue which acts as an ‘irritant’ and it can be differs from cultured pearls by taking X-rays to expose their inner structures.

Pearl Properties

Refractive Index of Pearl                 : 1.52 – 1.69
Specific Gravity of Pearl                  : 2.60 – 2.89
Hardness of Pearl on Moh’s Scale    : 2.5 – 3.0
Luster                                           : Pearly

Pearl Quality

A Fine Quality pearl should be balance in shape with lustre and good surface finish. The good surface finish means that the Pearl should not have clear dents, cavities, and spots on its surface and all these points determine the Price of Pearls.

Benefits of moti Stone

Pearl is links with the planet Moon and it is the birthstone for the Month of June born. As per Indian Vedic Astrology, The moon is contrast to ‘Mother’ in the planetary system and it does not have any side-effects. 

The basic nature of pearls guarantee to safe from evil forces and helps in the cure of aggression, emotional, anxiety and metal imbalance. It offers peace and calmness. So, pearl is helpful in curing migraine, insomnia and headaches.

How to purchase natural pearl?

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How to Wear Pearl Stone?

Pearl is wear in Ring or pendant and made of silver metal and women can wear in any hand as per choice while men should wear the ring in right hand.

Day for Wearing Pearl (Moti)         : Monday
Finger for wearing Pearl (Moti)      : Little Finger
Metal for Wearing Pearl (Moti)       : Silver
Mantra for Pearl (Moti)                 : Om Cham Chandraye Namah

Where to purchase pearls?

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Know Pearls

These are purely organic made up of Calcium Carbonate, CaCO3 and it is the birthstone for June borns as per western astrology. So, it is the stone links with Moon Planet as per Indian Vedic astrology.   

Moti ring made in Silver or any white metal and should be wears in little finger on Monday and it is suggesting for peoples with emotional disorders & high aggression. So, it is best for peace of mind, protection from evil energies, emotional stability & positive feel. 

They are very soft and easily attack by chemicals. So, needs special care. Pannalal Johri deals in all types of pearls and purchase best quality south sea pearls, basra pearls at affordable price and we delivers certified and natural pearl gemstone at your doorstep.