Buy red coral gemstones

Red Coral 

Coral is an organic stone, and it is also called Moonga in Hindi. Red Coral is fascinating for its color & astrological benefits. Buy red coral gemstones from us. Moonga Gemstone range starting from Rs.1000 per Carat and goes up to as per the quality depends on clarity, color, cut and shape.

Coral Benefits: It is linking with the planet ‘Mars’. Wearing Coral increases the effect of Mars on one’s life. It is for the people of aggressive, intelligent, active, dutiful, courageous, brave, disciplined and confident. Mars is associating to blood, Immune system and Sexual health of the person. It is also sign for marriage, children and career. Moonga is also helpful for people who are into the business link to land like real estate, agriculture and farming etc.

Moonga Stone Properties

Transparency          : Opaque9
Hardness                : 3.5 on Moh’s Scale
Refractive               : 1.48 – 1.68
Specific Gravity       : 2.60 -2.70,

How to Wear Coral (Moonga) Stone?

Tuesday is the day for Mars. So, Coral is wear on Tuesday only. It can be made in Gold, Silver or Copper metal. Men can wear Coral in Right Hand while Women can wear in any hand as per choice.

Day for wearing Coral        : Tuesday
Metal for wearing Coral     : Silver, gold or copper
Finger for wearing Coral    : Ring Finger
Mantra for Coral               : Om Krim Kum Kujaya Namah


Coral Stone is an organic gemstone and it is opaque. Corals have various colors like Red, Orange, Black & White and it is the most beautiful. So, always purchase Coral stone with verification report of reputed laboratory. 

This gemstone offers in different shapes like triangular, oval & cylindrical. Buy red coral gemstones in shape you like and beads in string are also wears. 

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