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Cat’s Eye is an visual fact seen in several Gemstones. This is also known as Lehsuniya in Hindi. Stones with this issue are called Cat’s Eye gemstone, like Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye,Apatite Cat’s Eye & Quartz Cat’s Eye and to buy certified gemstones online from us. These stones are usually used for Ornamental & Astrological reason. 

Lehsuniya Stone range starts at around Rupees 500/- per carat and depend upon the quality such as Color, Clarity, Cut & Shape.

Cats Eye Benefits: Securing from the ill effects of Ketu, bring in better luck and wealth to the wearer. It saves the wearer from any kind of mishappenings that are to happen and helps one build their mental imbalances and physical weakness due to various reasons in life.

Cat’s Eye Stone Benefits

Cats Eye is a strong stone which gives safety against sudden Mishappenings, Thefts, Accidents and Losses. It look after against Enemies and it helps in securing your mystery. Cats eye stone also helps in encouraging Professional skills and creativity. 

Cats Eye to buy certified gemstones online also helps in gaining peace , higher level of Knowledge, and spirituality. The fascinating colors of Cats Eye are Golden Green, Honey and Greenish Green. 

Best Quality Cats Eye stones are extracting from Sri-Lanka. Chrysoberyl Cats Eye, extracted from Srilanka, is also known as ‘Kanat Khet ka Lehsuniya’.

How to Buy Natural Cat’s Eye Stone?

Firstly, be sure about the accuracy of the stone. Secondly, Used stones are also in regulation in market. Establish that you are not purchasing a Used-Gemstone. 

Thirdly, assure the varieties of Cats eye stone. Cats Eye can be Quartz, Chrysoberyl or any other Gemstone variety and accordingly the Price varies. Always buy Certified gemstones online Cats Eye stone by reputed Gem Testing Laboratory. 

The Report should indicate that the gemstone is Natural and Un-treated. Report should also mention the variety of Stone. Lab report should also check for any signs like cracks or scratches that confirm the stone is not used before.

How to Wear Cat’s Eye Stone?

Day for Wearing           : Saturday
Metal for Wearing        : Silver
Finger for Wearing       : Middle
Mantra for Cat’s Eye    : Om Ketave Namah

Where to Buy Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

Pannalal Johri has wide range of Lab-Certified, Natural and Pure Quartz and Chrysoberyl Cats Eye Stones, which are perfect for Astrological Benefits. Each gemstone is 100% Pure and directly imported mines from Sri-Lanka. 

We Design customized Pendants,Rings and Bracelets for Men and Women.
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