certified and natural diamond

Diamond (Heera)

Diamond is the most valuable & beautiful gemstone, it is also the strongest natural gem on earth, it appears actually beautiful due to its visual features such as dispersion.

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Diamond, is a mineral consist of pure carbon and it is the hardest naturally occurring substance known and it is the also the most popular gemstone as well. 

Because of their excess solidity, and have a number of important modern uses. 

They vary colorless to black, and they may be translucent, transparent or opaque. 

So, most diamonds use as gems are colorless and transparent as well and colorless or pale blue stones are most used, but these are very few; most gem diamonds are dye with yellow. 

A “fancy” diamond has a specific body color; blue, red and green are uncommon, and orange, yellow, violet and yellowish green more common. 

Most modern diamonds are brown or grey and are opaque or translucent, but better-quality modern gemstones level gradually into poor quality gemstones. 

The color of diamonds may be change by low to high emission or by giving the heat treatment.                                                     


Diamond is classifying on the grounds of 4C’s i.e. cut, color, clarity & carat weight and this is a group of weight for diamonds & gemstones.

Heera Clarities 

Diamond’s clarity classifies on internal & external clarity features. Internal clarity features are known as Inclusions. 

Most of the diamonds have small or big, many or few inclusions and very few diamonds are clear and they are very costly. 

But well quality diamond ring made of gold with solitaire diamond, appears very beautiful & valuable. 

Diamond Ring is usually made of 14K or 18K gold and it is a very beautiful wedding Gift too.  


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