Certified Birthstones

certified birthstones

We are the leading supplier of certified birthstones & diamond. Birthstones are our specialty. We have vast experience in this field since 1951.

Gemstones are the stones that are leading with a person’s birth.

Our first priority is to serve the customer with the best quality product.

We serve you a wide variety of certified precious stones and semi-precious stones and we give you the best quality products in all the gemstones.

We deliver precious and semiprecious stone with a certification of  INTERNATIONAL GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES (IGL&I) (this lab provides you the highest level of grading of Diamond & Gemological services across the world).

If you want to buy certified birthstone/gemstone, then you will roam around the entire market, even then you will not find that much variety of gemstones & diamond and you will see the difference yourself in the prices.



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