Choose best quality emerald

Choose best quality emerald

Emerald is a gem of Mercury. Mercury is the factor of speech, youth, trade, etc. Mercury has two states of Gemini and Virgo. Gemini horoscope in the natural horoscope and choose the best quality emerald.

choose best quality emeraldBenefits of wearing emerald or Panna

The emerald gemstone is related to the planet Mercury.

Mercury has the greatest influence on the memory power, so people who have weak memory power have the benefit of wearing emerald.

Wearing it is very beneficial for those who do any kind of business.

Children, who do not feel like studying or forget what they study soon, should have a silver locket made and put on their neck.

Fear of Snake

  • After putting the snake fear page in water for 10 minutes, then after spraying that water in the eyes, it gives relief in eye diseases and eyes remain healthy.

  • Those who have snake fear, they should wear emerald.

  • Teachers of Mathematics and Commerce wear auspicious results.

  • The Mercury is positive and in luck, then wearing emerald will increase the luck and gain wealth.

  • If Mercury is the lord of the auspicious place, if it is sitting in a benefic sense then wearing emerald is beneficial.

  • Wearing emerald is very auspicious for Gemini and Virgo signs.

Who should not wear an emerald?

  • The emerald gem is related to the planet Mercury.

  • Mercury is an auspicious planet, so if Mercury is the lord of these sinful expressions 6, 8, 12, wearing emerald can cause sudden loss.

  • If the Mahadasha of Mercury is going on and Mercury is sitting in the eighth or 12th house then wearing emerald can cause problems.

  • Panna should not wear with beads also.

Health Benefits of emerald or Panna

  • People who have poor digestion must wear emeralds.

  • Pregnant women get more benefit from wearing emerald.

  • Those who are suffering from asthma, get them made in emerald silver ring and put it in the junior finger, there is a decrease in the disease.

  • Wearing emeralds increases virility and health is good.

Methods of wearing emerald

  • After bathing in the morning on Tuesday and meditating, put the milk in the Ganges water and then on the second day after bathing and meditating, chant at least one garland of “Oo Bun Budhai Namah” Put it in the junior finger.

  • Wear a Panna from sunrise to 10 pm.

  • Never consume non-smoking and smoking for these three days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, otherwise wearing emerald will not benefit.

Note – Choose the best quality emerald gemstone should be worn only under the supervision of a qualified astrologer.

Because gemstone is a science, in which the entire legislation mentions how much Ratti and who should wear the gemstone.

If we wear more carats than required, then there will be a loss and if we wear less carat then there will be no gain

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