Colombian Emerald Panna

 Colombia Emerald Panna

Colombia Emerald Panna:- Colombia Emerald Panna is the jewel of the planet Mercury. It is very shiny. Regarding its brightness, it says that pure emerald appears to spread its aura even in the sunlight.

It says that if the eyes get tired while working or studying on a computer, it keeps it fresh when the emerald is placed in the eye.

There is evidence that Panna is popular among people even four thousand years ago.

Natural Availability of Colombian Emerald Panna

  • The Panna is found in mines like many other gems where they are accompanied by many impurities.

  • Their inaccuracies are first to remove from the mines. After this, they are first to cut into different sizes and sent them to the market.

  • The best Panna is found in Colombian mines. After this, the emerald find in Russia and Brazil is considering to be the best.

  • Emeralds are also available in Egypt, Norway, India, Italy, Australia, Africa, and Austria.

  • In India, it is find in South Mahanadi, Himalaya, Somanadi and Girnar.

Science and Colombian Emerald Panna

  • It has a hardness of 7.75 and a relative density ranging from 2.69 to 2.80.

  • It also has the ability to reflect light.

Properties of Emerald Panna

  • The greatest quality of Colombian emerald Panna gemstone is that it has the ability to illuminate itself like the sun.

  • It is shiny, heavy, flexible and translucent gems.

Uses of Colombian Emerald Panna

  • It wears on Wednesday in a silver ring.

  • Some people wear it in gold too but wearing jit in silver gives more benefits.

  • The emerald Panna should wear at least three rituals.

  • Before wearing the Mercury Ratna, chant the mantra 9000 times before wearing it.

  • Wear it in the little finger of the right hand.

Substitute for Emerald

  • Panna is a precious jewel and it is not enough for everyone to wear it, hence aquarium, green zircon, turquoise or peridot wears in its place.

  • Green hakiq can also be wear in place of emerald Panna.


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