Frequently Asked Questions

what are the benefits of wearing neelam?


Neelam is very effective gemstone. One should wear original, natural & certified Neelam gemstone as per astrological purposes to get the best results and it carries fame, money, wealth & power to the wearer.


Can i wear a moonga, pukhraj and manik together?

Manik makes a very promising combination with Pukhraj, Moonga and Moti as well. Manik offers best results if worn with these friendly gemstones.

does coral have healing properties?

Coral is worn for conquer health issues. It is helpful for physical and mental health. It helps in improving from injuries and mental trauma.

which shape of the red coral is best?

Oval shapes are mostly in demand due to creative reasons. 

Which Stone can be worn with Pukhraj?

Ruby & Red Coral can be worn with Pukhraj stone. Pukhra is commonly not worn with panna & diamond.

can we wear blue sapphire and diamond together?

Blue sapphire and Diamond can be worn together and it’s a very beneficial combination but it is better to consult an Astrologer before wearing it.

is an emerald more costly than a diamond?

Emerald is valuable stone. High quality emerald gemstone with excellent cut, good color & clarity can be more costly than Diamond.

when should we wear emerald stone?

As per Indian Vedic Astrology, emerald should be worn on Wednesday in little finger. 

what are the uses of wearing emerald stone?

Emerald is helpful for career, wealth, business and marriage. It is the birthstone for May borns.

which yellow sapphire is best?

Recently, Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka are treated the best source of yellow sapphire. Yellow Sapphires from Ceylon mines are called ‘Sri Lankan’ Yellow Sapphires.

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