Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)


Hessonite Garnet (Gomed):- It is considering to be the jewel of Rahu. It has a reddish-yellow color similar to that of cow urine.

It is also an effective gem which removes Rahu’s faults. The Hessonite Garnet Stone is also called as “Gomed” stone in Hindi.

According to Sanskrit, it is also called as Gomedh or “Gomedak” in Sanskrit. In specific places of India, it is additionally suggested to as “Gomedhikam”.

A Jyotish Quality Gomed Gemstone is loading up with the energies of the bad and the solid planet-Rahu.

Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) is a great darker or nectar shaded, semi-valuable gemstone from the Garnet mineral family.

It wears to conquer the negative impacts of Rahu just as to pick up influence, riches, and accomplishment in open employments and organizations.

The uniform cow pee shaded Gomed kills the underhanded impact of Vedic planet Rahu and shields the wearer from the negative vibes and energies.

It quiets the psyche of the wearer and eases him/her from discouragement, profound situated tensions, and mental issues.

Science and Hessonite

  • It is the jewel of the garnet group. It is shiny but opaque. Its hardness is 7 and it has a density of 4.65.

Properties of Hessonite

  • Pure Gomed is shiny, smooth. This yellow jewel looks similar to Ullu’s eye. It is also of white color which shines so much that when viewed from a distance it looks like a diamond.

Uses of Hessonite

  • Gomed should wear in silver or ashtadhatu on Saturday and put on the middle finger in the evening after worshiping it as per law.

  • The weight of garnet should not be less than 6 gems. Before wearing it, chant the chant of ‘Om Ra Rahway Namah’ 180 times and awaken the onyx and wear it.

Substitute of Hessonite

  • Gomed is very cheap, but it is not necessary that everyone gets it right at the time of need.

  • Therefore, it has two elements that can wear instead of Gomed.

  • The first is Uparatna and the second is Saafi. Apart from this, Gomed colored Akik can also wear in place of Gomed.

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