Red Coral Moonga

red coral moonga

Moonga is a precious, bright red organic gemstone formed in the deep sea by marine creatures. In the Hindi language, it is called Moonga. This is the gem of Mars.

It finds in the form of vegetation in the sea. Due to being similar to Lata, it was also called Latamani in ancient times.

There is evidence that several hundred years ago, the French had started extracting coral.

It is a popular astrological gemstone wear to treat Mangal dosha and ensure success in leadership roles, sports, business and health.

Mars is the planet of vitality, essentially, blood course and aspiration and the Red Coral wear to support the vitality of Mars in the horoscope.

Red Coral is a gemstone that has a significance and properties of vitalizing life vitality. Coral is not composed of chemicals like other gems, it is a plant.

Therefore, it is studied in botany. It hardens on exposure to air after coming out of the water. Its density is about 2.65 and hardness is 3.5 to 4.

This extraordinary red shading symbolizes “blood”.

It can firmly flow vitality in the human body.

This gemstone is valuable when you need to have vitality for your life or breadth away sluggishness.


  • It helps in overcoming various skin related problems, like boils, acne and more.

  • Other than this, red coral moonga gemstone can be wear to purify the blood and protects the individual against the cuts, wounds, and injuries.

  • The bad effects of Mars in one’s horoscope can treat with the help of red coral moonga gemstone.

In which metal red coral Moonga?

  • It should be wear in gold or silver.

  • For good luck, it says that coral rings should wear first on a Tuesday, an hour after sunrise, when the moon is waxing.

  • The ring should be wear on the ring or index finger of the right hand.

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