buy natural yellow sapphire pukhraj gemstones

Yellow Sapphire (पुखराज)

Yellow Sapphire is linked with Jupiter planet as per Indian Astrology and it is also known as “Pukhraj” in Hindi. You can buy natural yellow sapphire pukhraj gemstones and it is worn in Ring or Pendant made of Yellow metal for Astrological purposes.

Pukhraj range starting from Rs. 1,000 per carat and goes up to as per the quality or depends upon color, clarity, cut and shape. So, it is linked with Jupiter planet and it is a very helpful and powerful stone. Jupiter can end the wrong effects of other planets and it is the signal of career, education, marriage and children. 

However, strong Jupiter gives good family, education and life-style Life and if it is shows you break in education, fast job change, delay in marriage, unhappy family life or delay in children this all happens just because of a weak jupiter. So, a person with weak Jupiter also sees emotional insecurity and financial stress. So, you must wear yellow sapphire, if you have any problem mentioned above and people with Financial issues must wear Yellow Sapphire as well as it is the birthstone for November born.

Pukhraj Properties

Hardness                   :  (Moh’s scale of hardness)
Optic Character         :  Anisotropic
Refractive Index         :  1.760 – 1.778.
Birefringence             :  0.007 – 0.010.
Specific Gravity          :  3.99 – 4.01

How to purchase natural pukhraj stone?

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How to Wear pukhraj Stone?

Day of Wearing Yellow Sapphire      : Thursday
Metal for Yellow Sapphire               : Gold 
Finger for Yellow Sapphire              : Index Finger
Mantra for Jupiter                          : Om Streem Brahm Brihaspataye Namah

Where to purchase Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone?

Pannalal Johri deals in certified & natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, & other fancy color sapphires. Pannalal Johri has the vast collection of Blue sapphires & Yellow Sapphires. Hence, we delivers certified & natural Yellow Sapphire stone at your doorstep.
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